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Project Location: Tamiao, Compostela, Cebu
Turnover Date: Preselling
Floor Area: Starting at 50 sqm
Price Range: Php 2M and up


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Working hard for a better life usually invites a lot of difficulty and challenges along the way. The more you struggle, the more stress you have to deal with in attaining your dreams. The same can be said in your pursuit of having a new home. There will be times when you might want to give up and just call it a day. Don’t give in to these temptations because the reward will certainly be more than worth it at the end. If you are embarking on this journey, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by choosing a property that exceeds your expectations. You can find your new home right here in Amoa Cebu.

Aboitizland Inc, one of the leading real estate developers in Cebu, has made it their mission to provide a place you can truly call your own. The result of these efforts is Amoa Cebu and this 60-hectare development has a lot in store when it comes to your domestic needs. For starters, you have five house models to choose from to suit your preferences. These models range from 50 to 128 square meters, affording you with more than enough room for your family and belongings. Each property is designed using a modern architecture scheme with minimalist elements to set it apart from other options in the market. Plus, all residential models are installed with customized ventanillas to add a certain level of flair and style to your home.

When everything that surrounds you is filled with so much negativity, it might be time to find a new place that refreshes you constantly. If this idea entices you, you’ll be glad to discover what Amoa Cebu has to offer you. This residential development is situated in Barangay Tamiao, Compostela in Cebu. This area is well known for its rolling terrains and wide spaces filled with lush greeneries.

A home here means you get to enjoy the very Mother Nature has to offer without taking you too far away from civilization. As a matter of fact, you’ll only be a few minutes away from Liloan and Danao City in Cebu. Furthermore, you’ll also enjoy a safe and speedy travel to major business districts in Mandaue and Cebu City. This is made possible by this residential development’s close proximity to the Central Nautical Highway, linking you to every important establishment in the big city.

A home in Amoa Cebu doesn’t mean you’ll be cut off from the places you frequent. You’ll still have access to these areas because of public transportation options available to you any time of the day. There are a lot of tricycles, jeepneys, buses, and vans ready to take you to any point in Cebu. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and you’ll arrive at your destination in no time at all.

A residence in Amoa Cebu won’t leave you hanging when it comes to the places you can visit from here. A lot of major business districts, commercial centers, educational institutions, hospitals, retail stores, and recreational facilities. With just a few minutes of your time, you can readily get the things you need at home, bring your children to school, schedule your monthly medical checkup, and spend a well-deserved weekend with your family, among others. The best thing about Amoa Cebu’s location is it brings you closer to places where you can leave all your worries behind and just have a good time. The site of your future home is so near to various beach resorts in Cebu. This benefit will be useful when you need to enjoy the waves and give your loved ones a vacation they’ve been longing for.

Spending a good amount of your time outdoors can really be taxing on your time and strength. When all of your responsibilities get the better of you, you can count on Amoa Cebu to deliver an experience you will never forget. As soon as you step out of this residential development, you’ll be greeted by a wide range of amenities that cater to your relaxation and comfort. You won’t need to go far to accomplish different goals because these amenities are here to serve you any day of the week.

Your dream of having a home that’s worthy to be boasted isn’t impossible anymore. With Amoa Cebu, you now have a chance to own a quality property that balances your wants and needs in a home. With its great location near so many establishments and a set of amenities you won’t find anywhere else, it only makes sense to choose Amoa Cebu to be place where you and your loved ones will live.

Nestled less than 2km from the shore of the Philippine Sea in the island paradise of central Cebu province, the AboitizLand Amoa Compostela is a true beauty and a dazzling collection of villages, modern neighborhoods, and a lively community.

The site’s had been gifted with natural hills, great vistas, and cooler breeze, making life here more breathtaking and full of awe-inspiring sceneries. This house and lot project in Compostela Cebu is only one hour away from Cebu City and a little over 40-minute trip from Mandaue City, Cebu. These two cities are both located southwest of the Amoa. Here, there are more to discover. The project is AboitizLand’s 60-hectare township project overlooking the majestic mountains and forest surrounding the towns of Consolacion and Compostela Cebu to the west of the site. Amoa will be the next cradle of a new generation of modern living right beside the wonders of nature, where everything is near, but far from the bustling activities of the city center.

The AboitizLand Amoa is specifically located in Brgy. Cabadiangan, Compostela, Cebu province. This address is less than 1km from Compostela town proper via P. Cabatingan St. At the town proper, you can find the University of the Visayas, St. James Academy of Skills Technology, Inc., Compostela National High School, Compostela Science and Technology High School, Canamucan Primary School, Sr. Santiago Church, the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, Compostela Public Market, Q-Mart, Virginia Foods, Inc., Neogrande Food and Industry, Inc., London Biscuit Co., Nature’s Legacy Eximport, Inc., Norkis Yamaha, Usui General Store, Blue Hibiscus Beach Camp, Jack’s Beach Resort, the PCSO Office, several banks, fast food centers, convenience stores, retail and boutique shops, and other major establishments near the site.

The Amoa Compostela is a family-friendly community where your children can play, make friends, and could roam within the vast land area of the neighborhood. The site has allotted 46% of the total land area for open spaces, where your kids have the chance to explore, grow up, and experience what is life to be in a friendly neighborhood, away from the temptations of an idle and unhealthy life of the gadget world. This house and lot project in Compostela Cebu boasts of a wide array of recreational amenities like a lap pool, active kiddie pool, central park, pocket gardens, basketball court, play area, clubhouse, entrance plaza, grand lawn, grandiose entrance gate, well-secured perimeter fence, and 24/7 security, among others.

AboitizLand Amoa Cebu in Cebu, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Amoa Cebu, then check here first. We have full details of Amoa Cebu updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Amoa Cebu - Location & Vicinity

It’s pretty disheartening to live in a place filled with so much pollution and crime. Every morning, you’ll wake up to so many negative substances around you and various threats to your safety. If this is the kind of life you’re living in, you need to find a new residence elsewhere. This new home of yours should be conducive for your loved ones and be the safe haven you’ve always dreamed about. Fortunately, such a place exists and it is in Amoa Cebu.

If you are worried about being surrounded by so many negative things at home, you won’t have the same experience in Amoa Cebu. This residential development is situated in Barangay Tamiao, Compostela in Cebu, one of the best areas to start a family or invest in a real estate property. Every time you step out of your house here, you’ll be greeted by a view filled with rolling terrains, pristine air, and lush greeneries. And when it comes to your work and professional career, you won’t miss a thing too. Your home in Amoa Cebu is connected to business districts in Mandaue, Danao, and Cebut City via the Central Nautical Highway.

This major thoroughfare ensures a smooth and fast travel to these places so you can be right where the action is. Plus, there are so many modes of public transportation available to you anytime of the day. You can take your pick from tricycles, buses, and jeepneys passing around this residential development. Whatever choice you make, you can be sure you are always connected to the important areas from your home in Amoa Cebu.

Having a home that lacks the things you need every day isn’t an option. If you don’t want to lack anything for your family, you can readily get much-needed supplies from nearby commercial centers. Amoa Cebu is within minutes away from Compostela Public Market, Q-Mart, Gaisano Capital Danao, City Mall, OurShoppe, and Gaisano Grand Mall Liloan. Spend a few more minutes of travel time and you’re going to reach major malls, such as SM City Cebu and SM City Consolacion. With these places near your residence, everything you need at home will always be available for you.

Enrolling your children in school that takes more than an hour to get to is pointless. It’s better to provide them with an education where they won’t spend all of their time on the road. Amoa Cebu affords you with this benefit due to its close proximity to reputable schools, such as Compostela National High School, St. James Academy of Skills, University of the Visayas, Canamucan Primary School, and Compostela Science and Technology High School, among others.

Your weekends and rest days will never be the same again here in Amoa Cebu. Your place here is so close to various beach resorts and recreational facilities in Cebu. You can easily go to places, like Green Lagoon Park, Seafront Compostela, and Estaca Bay Resort to spend a good time with your friends and family.

Home is truly where your heart should be and this won’t become a reality until you choose a good location for your residence. Make the right choice by going for Amoa Cebu. With its strategic and wonderful location in Compostela Cebu, you’ll have the very best surrounding you and your loved ones.

Amoa Cebu Location

Amoa Cebu - Photo Gallery

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Active and Kiddie Pool

Active and Kiddie Pool

Basketball Court

Basketball Court



Guard House

Guard House

Lap Pool

Lap Pool



Amoa Cebu- Model Houses

Amoa Cebu- Model Houses

Amita Model House

Amita Model House

Ananda Model House

Ananda Model House

Aruna Model House

Aruna Model House

Asha Model House

Asha Model House

Amoa Cebu - Features & Amenities

Whenever you’re at home, you might find ways to keep yourself entertained. At times, you may fail in this pursuit and just head outdoors. It’s a different story in Amoa Cebu. You need not travel far or use your hard-earned money just to have fun or be productive.

You can choose among the many amenities here to help you spend your time.

If you’re a basketball fanatic, you’ll find living in Amoa Cebu to be a treat. That’s because there’s a basketball court available for your use anytime you feel like playing. The best thing about this amenity is you can call your friends over and play in a safe space without paying money to rent a facility.

After your game is over, you can easily walk back to your house and enjoy much-needed refreshments. And if you’re looking for more, you can also head on over to a swimming pool found inside this residential development. You can enjoy this amenity with your loved ones and even small children can join in on the fun too. There’s a smaller pool that’s suitable for kids so they won’t feel left out.

Speaking of your kids, you wouldn’t want them to go far from your sight. Rather than allow them to play in unfamiliar places, it’s better if they indulge in an area where they safety isn’t compromised. Amoa Cebu affords you this benefit, thanks to a playground within this residential development. Here, your children can play to their heart’s desire, meet new friends, and just have a good time anytime they want. And you won’t worry about them straying too far because this amenity places your kids far from traffic or criminal elements.

Your safety means a lot to the people who love you the most. That aspect of your life is a priority here in Amoa Cebu. This residential development is always under the watchful eye of a dedicated security team. These people are resilient in their responsibility of guarding you and your property at all times. And with guard houses placed all around this development, you can be sure to be protected no matter what the time it may be.

Getting around Amoa Cebu poses no difficulty for its residents. There’s a transit hub with several transportation vehicles all ready to take you to your destination within and just outside Amoa Cebu. You no longer need to walk far just to start your commute. All it takes is this amenity and your day will be off to a good start.

Amenities play a big role in improving the quality of your life at home. Thankfully, the amenities you’ll discover in Amoa Cebu won’t disappoint you. With all of the opportunities it provides you and your family, you’ll have all the reason you need to stay indoors whenever you can.

  • Clubhouse
  • Active and Kiddie Pool
  • Playground
  • Transit Hub
  • Lap Pool
  • Grand Lawn
  • Basketball Court
  • Guard House

Amoa Cebu - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Amita (Mid) ₱ 2,031,157 Floor Area - 53 sqm/ Lot Area - 50 sqm
Amita (End) ₱ 2,087,708 Floor Area - 53 sqm/ Lot Area - 70 sqm
Ananda ₱ 3,006,113 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 109 sqm
Asha ₱ 4,253,191 Floor Area - 82 sqm/ Lot Area- 126 sqm
Aruna ₱ 3,102,131 Floor Area - 45 sqm/ Lot Area - 120 sqm
Asta ₱ 4,271,142 Floor Area : 84 sqm / Lot Area : 128 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 1,216,150 100 sqm (Lot Area)

Amoa Cebu - Payment Option

Why You Should Invest In  Amoa Cebu

5 house models to choose from

At the Amoa AboitizLand Compostela Cebu, nothing can compare with its Filipino-inspired house models infused with modern architecture with a minimalist overtone that is truly distinct from any other residential developments across the country. Each home is designed with customized ventanillas giving your home a splendid look like no other. 

Select with a diversified house models like the Asta is a 2-storey Single Detached (LA is 120sqm, FA is 82sqm), Asha is also a 2-storey Single Detached (LA is 120sqm, FA is 80sqm), Ananda is a 1-storey Single Attached (LA is 120sqm, FA is 46sqm), Aruna is a 1-storey Single Detached (LA of 120sqm, FA of 45sqm), and the Amita is a 2-storey Townhouse (LA is 50-70sqm, End and Middle Units, while FA is 53sqm).

A great place to rear a family

This house and lot development for sale in Compostela Cebu is what you need to nurture families and let them grow away from the bustle and hustle of the city center. The AboitizLand Amoa, just like any other AbitizLand residential developments across the archipelago, is dedicated to enhancing family bonding, let children play in natural ways, and let them grow in a clean and peaceful environment but near all of the life’s modernity and essentials.

Proximity to Cebu City and Mandaue City

Another good thing about Amoa is its proximity from the cities of Cebu and Mandaue. The town of Compostela, on the other hand, is just a few minutes away from the city of Danao to the north and the town of Liloan to the south. Going farther south are the cities of Mandaue and Cebu. Cebu City is just 12.5km away from Amoa, while Mandaue is just 9km away. Cebu City is host to some of the region’s best schools, IT Parks, the busiest central business district, massive shopping malls, first-class hospitals, several residential estates, industrial parks, multinational corporations, and other important destinations. While Mandaue City is also a good destination for entertainment, leisure, shopping, education, and other interests.

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